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All Over The Shop - 06 December 2012

December 12th, 2012

Episode 76 of 76 episodes

In the penultimate and also second-last episode, Stew gives what Australian showbiz has been waiting for – his Ultimate Dim Sim Award – then plaintively explains that, quote – Dim Sims are a big part of my life.Following this extensive survey, Larry notes to Stew – That was epic, and at the end of it, I nearly understood what you were saying. Finally, in reference to the following (and final) show’s outside broadcast, Stew is underwhelmed by Larry’s description that it could be a good time so why not come along, and Larry is less than dazzled that of all the exotic locations possible, somehow they ended up choosing the pub across the road. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – You know, there may be slightly less swearing and rudey rottenness in this episode than usual, but it could just be that we forgot it, so if you’re liable to be offended, assume you would be and don’t listen.

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