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All Over The Shop - 06 September 2012

September 8th, 2012

Episode 63 of 76 episodes

Larry’s favourite bit of this show was when he and Stew imitated commercial radio. Unfortunately that only lasted about 15 seconds and probably isn’t in the plogecaste version. Even more unfortunately, the rest of the show lasted a lot longer. However in the rest of a packed programme, Stew writes off The Age newspaper, loses his voice during a toilet break and says the word panties in a funny voice again and then says he won’t put up with any more double-innuendos on the show. That’s what he calls them. Meanwhile Larry is so enraptured by Stew’s palpable lack of anything resembling vitality on this show that he starts reading out contact details for self-help organisations. Later heconveys why he recently instructed a real estate firm’s representative to go forth and multiply, but not in those precise words. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – You do hear the precise words alluded to just above, and plenty of other words too. And Stew’s semi-demented, unannounced anti-porno drive is unsuccessful, with one of the main offenders being Stew. Mighty crazy.

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