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All Over The Shop - 07 June 2012

June 12th, 2012

Episode 50 of 76 episodes

Stew rules that contact lenses should be banned because he can’t work them out after spending hours in the bathroom sticking them to his forehead and dropping them on the ground. (Well, this is what he SAYS he’s been doing in there for hours.) Leapster already misses Stew’s glasses, which, he insists, made Stew look like a secret serial strangler. Larry has a problem with the Melbourne tram system again, which specifically is that he can detect no system whatsoever. And it is revealed how the wily President Jimmy Carter trapped Chuck Berry on a number of tax violations and why both scientists and humanbeings should avoid eating Polonium, whatever that is. Indiscriminate, incoherent fun for all ages. (Caution - Fun may not be provided.) CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Owing to curse words and tawdry rudenesses, this show is deemed unsuitable for people of any age.

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