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All Over The Shop - 08 September 2011

September 10th, 2011

Episode 17 of 76 episodes

Stew says he is coming from a steamed perspective, unquote, which you pretty much know means he’s gorn off once again off on his insane obsession with dim sims. Larry is coming from an even more steamed perspective, as he’s been dealing with the bank, and can’t remember being out of the room when it was voted in that Australians would have to act as psychologists for mentally deranged major banks for the rest of our lives. Also, off-colour hijinx prevail as Stew tells us a lot too much about where he doesn’t need to shave (i.e. anatomical, not geographical) and Leapster invokes another unwanted mental image as he explains he is tired of wiping the bottom of Stew’s radio technique. And learn the best place to display a Chinese emperor, when you capture one. A show perhaps best described as a Tour De Gor Blimey. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Not suitable for people, due to the usual constant bursts of gutter language, and maybe even more sub-beltline humour than usual.

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