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All Over The Shop - 09 August 2012

August 11th, 2012

Episode 59 of 76 episodes

In the return of the survey of upcoming TV, PoopVision, Stew confuses the segment with It’s Just Not On and can’t read his notes because they’re so old. Larry points out that all their segments are just the one segment with increasingly diverse and elaborate titles. Stew and Leapster then confuse saying verbally with thinking mentally, and Leaps accuses Stew of speaking mentally. And then innovation rears its ugly head – particularly so on this occasion – with the world premiere of the spoken word visual game show, Dirty Word Charades. Jaw-dropping pap and gabble. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Stew can’t stop talking about bottoms and Larry’s invented a game where the whole point is to discover the secret dirty idiomatic term, so you’re not really any better off than usual for foul language and general chowder-headedness and ill-repute. Perhaps worse.

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