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All Over The Shop - 10 May 2012

May 15th, 2012

Episode 46 of 76 episodes

The return of Leapster and Stew’s hypothetical television channel, PoopVision (LLC, Bogota), heralds a flood of highly unlikely concepts for reality TV shows, and Medium Underdone takes a painfully close look at unlikely, if memorable, developments on a recent episode of the ABC’s Q&A show, possibly suggesting the entire industry is moving closer to the corporate vision of PoopVision after all. Plus Dustin Hoffman searches in vain for a woman older than he is now to have sex with, and Stew demonstrates advanced radio technique by accidentally karate-chopping his microphone cord and mispronouncing several words all at the same time. A blustering tumult of unrelieved inanity. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Still featuring bucket loads o’ swearing and the most juvenile take on so-called Adult Concepts in the entire western media (not counting most TV reality shows and Kyle Sandilands.) Be warned, stay safe, don’t listen.

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