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All Over The Shop - 10 November 2011

November 14th, 2011

Episode 26 of 76 episodes

Stew speaks of his fondness for zoos and vineyards, leading to Larry imagining Stew starring in a remake of the movie musical, Dr Doolittle, featuring a song called If I Could Drink with the Animals. Stew provides colourful advice on the age-old problem of dealing with a neighbour who lets his dog poop on your lawn. Also, Larry and Stew demonstrate their latest invention, the ultimate interactive phone; and interview, and perplex, visiting US band The Bloody Hollies. And Stew reckons he’s had a beer garden named after him. Non-stop rot, from whoa to more whoa. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Smut and swearing both start early and continue at about the same level. Also includes astoundingly poor acting, and accidental and then intentional drug references.

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