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All Over The Shop - 11 August 2011

August 27th, 2011

Episode 15 of 76 episodes

This show inadvertently becomes an all-singing, no-dancing, no-tune-recognisable spudtacular, as Stew summarises civilisationas we loathe it with an attempt on the life of a Billy Joel song, and Larry provides what he feels a more appropriate lyric to fit the music of the Gold Coast Suns theme song. This represents a new landmark, and landfill, in radio history, as someone finally sings worse on a show than Larry. Also, Stew and Leapster revive their PoopVision (LLC, Bogota) hypothetical TV channel, and it is explained how painter Jackson Pollock’s lunch-bag was mistaken for his final masterpiece. A paragon of poppycock throughout. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Immoderate language, uncontrollable rudeness, and toilet and groin references all proliferate. Thus a blanket Jane Austen Warning prevails – i.e. this probably should not be listened to by anyone with either sense or sensibility.

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