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All Over The Shop - 11 March 2010

July 6th, 2011

Episode 7 of 76 episodes

In yet another quality-avoiding episode from our AOTS Vintage Series archives, Stew’s had a big weekend at Golden Sands festival, and Leapster points out he’s having trouble hearing Stew around a monumental wheeze he’s thus developed, and asks whether Stew might like to borrow either his Ventolin, or an iron lung. Stew gives us all the straight poop – and nothing but the poop – from Golden Plains, or such as could be ascertained from his position in the bar, anyway. This is the show where Stew says, in these words: Rain, hail or shine, it never fails to disappoint. At which point Larry does some wheezing of his own. Also Larry proposes a binding limit on the length of Hollywood movies, so if the thing isn’t complete after 100 minutes, they’re obliged to immediately blow everything up and cut straight to the Aerosmith ballad over the closing credits. Once again this show offers an unprecedented, and completely unwanted, public service. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – If anyone bothered to listen all the way through, there are no doubt copious examples of dirty language, filthy pants-area references in relatively clean language, and indefensible references to the demon drink and other, more illegal and presumably demonic substances. Probably.

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