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All Over The Shop - 11 October 2012

October 13th, 2012

Episode 68 of 76 episodes

The Chaps-au-Shop have a brilliant brain-wave of conducting a BBQ sauce taste-off, which consists of them stuffing their gobs and talking with their mouths full for 20 minutes of scintillating prodgrasp time. Also, Larry concludes his TV Minus the Pictures session with a round-up of moments from 2012 television including the extremely unlikely-sounding AFL telecast now known as The Quasimodo Incident. And details are revealed of the Spectaco-Bowl, a purported roller derby encounter between circus clowns and monkeys. Then Stew says Monkeys again, out of context, and amuses himself. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Swearing words, gutter concepts and more masticating on air than you necessarily need to hear, and we said masticating. No actual monkeys were harmed during the fictitious roller derby encounter conducted on this programme. At least that we know about. Well, maybe Lance Armstrong harmed one. We haven’t yet waded through all of the transcripts.

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