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All Over The Shop - 13 October 2011

October 14th, 2011

Episode 22 of 76 episodes

For once the content matches the presentation, as Stew and Larry talk bins and garbage. An unemployed Stew is so short of something to do during the day that he rings the council because his bin wasn’t adequately emptied, leaving behind a large bag of something he calls Tree Balls, which Larry assumes is some kind of marital aid. Meanwhile the Leapster explores the fascinating mystery of the missing bin lids, and how some form of wood and metal bolt could have fallen on his breakfast plate from nothing in particular while he was moving through the kitchen. Also Stew gives himself hay fever by sticking his head in hay, Larry suggests that if the Indonesian Government has 250 million of its own citizens to oppress, it probably doesn’t need to import any of Australia’s for that purpose. But fundamentally there’s a lot of garbage. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Contains stinky language, stinky garbage, stinky concepts, and a somewhat rude reference to Neil Young.

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