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All Over The Shop - 14 June 2012

June 19th, 2012

Episode 51 of 76 episodes

Stew and Larry discuss why the footballer injury known as Osteitis Pubis is either made upor should be a band name, and why Turf Toe is either a mislabelled dish at the pub or the new version of Osteitis Pubis. The plight of Stew at the Community Cup in the past is discussed, relating to his overly tight guernsey making him look like a giant weisswurst with glasses and his woofty shorts flapping around like the sail of an ocean-going clipper, and Larry says kids as young as six were yelling – Oh, the Humanity! In another explosive thrill-ride, Stew insists Leapster can’t say the word battery properly. Seriously, these are the highpoints. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Contains foul-mouthery and dirty stuff in general. Nobody in their right mind should probably listen and nobody who listens will probably wind up in their right mind.

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