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All Over The Shop - 15 December 2011

December 17th, 2011

Episode 31 of 76 episodes

15th December 2011 Stew says coming in and doing the show prevents him from working on that day, but Larry disagrees, saying that as far as he’s concerned, doing the show with Stew is hard, back-breaking work. Leapster praises David Wenham’s epic level of mumbling in the show Killing Time, and unveils a new radio-friendly euphemism for drugs, ie Trout. In an epic-length Waft From Stew’s Kitchen, Stunning Stew reveals his main course menu for Xmas Day, as, quote, two porky and a turkey, unquote. He also insists you buy your smoke already trouted, leaving Larry to conclude that Stew has already trouted plenty of smoke on the day. Also, Dr Stew reveals that a five dollar stubby will cure all medical and physical conditions. And the festive season gift for all listeners is that this was the last show for the year. Back in Feb. G’bye now. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Very thinly veiled references to drugs join the normal raft of swearing, plus groin and toilet related humour. Also Stew’s accounts of activities at Meredith Music Festival may constitute either a health hazard, or a dangerous moral influence, or both.

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