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All Over The Shop - 15 March 2012

March 17th, 2012

Episode 38 of 76 episodes

Stew uses his magical descriptive powers of language to bring the Golden Plains music festival to life, primarily by using the expression Rockin’ and Groovin’ to describe all bands, the keynote speaker, the drinks tent and the lavatory facilities, prior to name-checking people nobody’s ever heard of for about half a hour. Leapster bemoans the inevitable and spectacularly ill-timed inconvenience of people and inanimate objects in the investigative report entitled How Do They Know? Also Larry investigates a lost Australian movie classic which was unfortunately found by ABC 2 and put on television last weekend, and Stew repeatedly and entirely erroneously insists Gil Tucker was in it for no apparent reason. Then David Wenham’s mumbling is mocked, even though he wasn’t in that movie either. Timeless and clueless balderdash. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – The usual disclaimer about rude words and dirty minds holds for this entire plodcaste. Also Stew tries to take the show High Class, which apparently consists of him revealing how he drank vodka pre-mix out of a cask at Golden Plains.

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