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All Over The Shop - 15 November 2012

November 17th, 2012

Episode 73 of 76 episodes

Cutting straight to the chase to kill the vibe even earlier than usual, Stew and Larry announce early on in this episode that the show is finishing up for good on December 13th. In addition on the plodecasp, it is suggested that Michael Frente (or Frenti, whichever it is) lives in Leo Sayer’s basement, that RRR alumnus and Melbourne broadcaster Tom Elliott wears a full suit in the bath, and that the RRR program manager wore through 42 hallway carpets and one head of hair directly as a result of All Over The Shop’s tenure on air. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Well, quite frankly it’s full of rude, borderline filthy and extremely puerile stuff all the way through. But it’s worth it for when Big Stew describes the men swanning around in their suits at the Spring Carnival races as, and we quote – Thinking they’re a million bucks when really they’re a packet of chips and a Mars Bar. Excelsior!

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