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All Over The Shop - 15 September 2011

September 15th, 2011

Episode 18 of 76 episodes

One of those segments where the boys complain about everything devolves into a two-way kicking of the national anthem and anything else that takes up time before sport. AlsoStew picks his nose repeatedly, Larry suggests public transport works fine for anything except transporting the public, and, in a new desperation point for the show, Stew and Leapster interview each other, with some help from the public, and it turns out roughly how regular listeners to the show would think it would work out. Plus the overdue return of midget alien fashion designer, Karl Lagerphone. An undiluted masterwork of balderdash from whoa to more whoa. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Contains bad language, deportment, discipline, grammar, personal habits and a man with an eel up his winkie.

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