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All Over The Shop - 16 August 2012

August 17th, 2012

Episode 60 of 76 episodes

The show was mostly a music fill by Larry, but absentee Stew did call in on assignment from New York City, and it’s this, err, diverting international chat that has already become known as The Phone Call That Stopped Two Nations, and which forms the entirety of this potted – in more senses than one – podclasp. Let’s just say that what Big Stew’s expansive and forthright views on Manhattan and US culture lack in clarity, they more than make up for in vehemence, ethanol, incomprehensible gibberish and random laughter. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Whatever we normally say about the swearing and crudity goes about 20 times extra for this one. Basically no-one under 18 in regular age, or over 12 in mental age should listen to it. Hilarifying, but basically indefensible.

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