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All Over The Shop - 17 November 2011

November 25th, 2011

Episode 27 of 76 episodes

In an unusually outspoken show – i.e. dirty-minded and disreputable – Stew shares with us a peculiar cricket bat fantasy that later spreads to involving a billiards cue, and, amidst discussion of many other recent TV high points, Larry features Greg Norman’s unorthodox advice to golfers’ wives, seemingly about relaxing their spouses in a highly particular manner. Additionally, during unnecessarily graphic discussions on the subject of toilet paper, Leapster advises that bottoms are important to us all, and joining in the landslide of helpful advice, Stew instructs the listener on how to correctly deploy a cotton bud, and how to redistribute poop left by a neighbour’s dog. The quintessence of uncalled-for broadcasting. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Figure on the usual amount of swearing and trouser-area references, and then add around 50 per cent to it. Basically if bucketloads of offence is likely to give offence, steer clear.

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