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All Over The Shop - 18 March 2010

March 26th, 2011

Episode 2 of 76 episodes

18th March 2010 Despite the plaintive cries for clemency from listeners, the AOTS Vintage Collection continues. Includes a recrap of Prince Philip’s greatest hits, Larry invents the RRR Universe (consisting of one listener), Stew cops a shot of hot mustard up the nostril, the Green Guide’s invention of something called Footbotainment in questioned, borries and dhurries are confused (although fortunately that’s just verbally and not in practical terms), and the missing link between Charles Darwin and C.W. McCall is discovered. Also includes an appropriately long and rambly tribute to RRR legend A.T. – aka Allan Thomas – and in the Medium Underdone segment, the boys dissect a remarkably waffly and mystifyingly lengthy newspaper column that Leapster refers to as the most bizarre and wrongheaded thing in terms of media since Gilligan last attempted to help the Professor fix the radio. CLASSIFICATION WARNING Full of rude stuff that nicer and/or duller people shouldn’t hear, so don’t listen to it, and also, for the record, Leapster wants it known that he fell asleep several times listening back to it, and that’s a shoot, brother.

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