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All Over The Shop - 18 October 2012

October 20th, 2012

Episode 69 of 76 episodes

When Larry gets all cranked out over the dictionary changing its definition of the word misogyny in line with the latest in Spring fashion, Stew gets all official right back at him and uses the grandiose, non-Stew-like expression Wheels of Change, perhaps misquoting an old Scorpions lyric. Leapster also flies off the handle when he discovers accidentally that the electricity works in this state, but the people distributing it and the other folks who are meant to oversee them distributing it don’t quite work at all. Plus Stew decides his co-broadcaster is becoming Derryn Hinch, and downright unpleasant claim is made about the Samuel Morse and telegraphic cable. All the usual magic, unfortunately. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Rife with bad language and gutter humour, and those may well be the good points.

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