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All Over The Shop - 19 April 2012

April 20th, 2012

Episode 43 of 76 episodes

It’s Logies revisited and reviled, as Larry and Stew pay appropriate homage to Australian television’s night of nights, primarily by Larry becoming infuriated because he couldn’t recognise any of the supposed stars there other than Tony Bennett, and Stew saying it was full of crap, only that’s not exactly the expression he uses. Plus, the strange case of the exploding French lawyer, Stew’s relentless use of the word Apropos because everybody else is using it, and Leapster’s resultant ongoing attempts to create a love song based around the same word, and then the elephant in the room shows up, and is heard from. Monumental piffle. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Contains bad language, bad singing, groin-related concepts, and is also not recommended to fans of Dick Clark, presuming there are any.

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