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All Over The Shop - 19 July 2012

July 25th, 2012

Episode 56 of 76 episodes

Contains a fairly full-length and remarkably rambly stroll down showbizness yesteryear lane for no readily apparent reason, with Stew proving conclusively there is no joke so old and done to death that he can’t find some new way of screwing it up. Also Larry and Stew come up with a particularly disreputable and unlikely notion for a new radio show, and it is suggested that the owners of small dogs not accept Bob Dylan as aguest at home, lest their canine mistake Bob for an old bone, pick him up, carry him all around the backyard and bury him. Basically, it’s a cluster, but a varied cluster. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Contains almost nothing clean in terms of either language or concepts. 98 per cent sense-free.

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