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All Over The Shop - 20 October 2011

October 22nd, 2011

Episode 23 of 76 episodes

Stew has completed his Around the Bay in a Day in Some Way bike ride for the year, and also completed his health kick, as he falls off the wagon with a resounding thud, consuming beer, cigarettes, chocolate biscuits for breakfast and more pizza than the rest of Melbourne’s suburbs combined. He also regales you the listener with the complete story of his Around the Bay voyage, in what an unimpressed Leapster refers to as actual time. Additionally, Larry records an Olympic, World and Commonwealth power bill personal best, and invites the power company to come around to his place, shoot him and harvest his organs for black market sale, as that is about the only way they’re liable to recoup this amount of money. Plus Michael Winslow is nominated for all but inevitable future grand final entertainment duty. Achieves new heights of drivel. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – There’s a couple of bit that sound a lot like swearing but aren’t, and a few bits that sound exactly like swearing and probably are. Also includes unsavoury concepts, and why you probably shouldn’t ever drink either Brasso or metho, although Stew’s new post-bike ride diet might allow for either.

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