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All Over The Shop - 20 September 2012

September 23rd, 2012

Episode 65 of 76 episodes

This week, on Uncalled-For Imitations, Larry impersonates the Tim Rogers TV ads for AFL footy finals, while wearing an imaginary shoddy overcoat, and Stew complains bitterly because that was his idea for introducing a live football-related gig he was appearing at. (Only he hadn’t told Larry.) Stew then goes right ahead and boldly promises plenty of what he calls Stand-Up Com-MEEDY for that appearance, and Leapster points out that Stew is so contrary that he contradicts contrarians. Also, learn how Jim Morrison and his uncouth cohorts ruined the Bar-Mitzvah. All this for your opposite-of-entertainment pleasure, on All Over The Crock. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Includes cuss words, unpleasant mental images, poor script reading, trouser humour and other stuff both stinky and stanky.

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