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All Over The Shop - 22 September 2011

September 25th, 2011

Episode 19 of 76 episodes

Larry suggests that Stew has problems keeping two ideas in his head while trying to say one thing out loud, and then Stew confirms it, by admitting that since he’s been learning Italian, his English has been falling apart. Stew is outraged by the number of business names that contain the word: Solutions. Leapster confuses the old board game of Ker-Plunk with Mouse Trap, and Stew further confuses the issue by suggesting it was called Rats and Mice, and later mysteriously deducing that he was right all along. And the historical fate of an innovation is revealed, concerning the man who thought he’d invented the world’s first edible hat. Utter twaddle prevails throughout. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – The usual spattering of dubious language and what might be dignified as ribald themes, combined with speculative verbal animal abuse, and an unfortunate mental image or two concerning Donald Trump.

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