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All Over The Shop - 23 June 2011

June 24th, 2011

Episode 4 of 76 episodes

Thish shtuff should be regishtered ash a drug – those are the exact words Leapster slurs while he and Stew are transported by ecstasy chomping away on a certain brand of New Zealand chocolate bar on air. Whatever the drug was, it sounds like both guys are on it for an opening ten minutes in which nothing detectable goes right, due to a major format change which isn’t exactly a howling success off the bat, Larry’s operation of the broadcast panel which defies competence at all turns, and Stew sounding, in the immortal words of Groucho Marx, half asleep and half nelson. From there, business fortunately picks up a little, with Stew’s description of a Brisbane football crowd who have square heads, no features and can’t sit on a seat without falling off it, and his suggestion for a new marketing slogan for Penfold’s Grange – better than what you’d get in a two-litre cask. Plus what might actually be the first ever simulcast between RRR and PBS, although largely wasted on drivel in this case. A radio show to shrivel the mind. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Contains no less, or better, implied filth than usual, plus spray of intemperate language that seems to struggle even more for a viable context than usual. And guys trying to broadcast with mouths full of chocolate and nuts, no double entendre intended in this case.

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