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All Over The Shop - 24 May 2012

June 2nd, 2012

Episode 48 of 76 episodes

In Overreaction Overdrive, Stew contends that people make too much of a fuss and calamity over finding a hair in their food, regardless of what kind of hair it is. Larry suggests that when Stew rings the Melbourne Cricket Club to ask when he will be accepted as a member, they consult the actuarial tables to see when he’s likely to die, add a month, and only then tell him the due date. And in the Ultimate UnderMovies Stew and Leaps champion some pretty squirrely and odd choices of movies that no real critic living or dead has ever championed. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Probably contains un-Vicar-friendly words and concepts. Also Stew is having one of those shows where he basically either can’t hear or isn’t listening to the show while he’s on it, so you may well consider following suit.

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