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All Over The Shop - 25 August 2011

August 26th, 2011

Episode 14 of 76 episodes

Stew says he still hasn’t paid to charge up the SMS phone, and Larry makes a strange triumphal noise sounding somewhat like a Dalek electrocution. In a general dack-and-destroy run on Australian television, Leapster compares the show he calls Under Belly-Up with that feeling of a contracting brain you get with a big hangover, minus the pleasure you got out of getting that in that condition in the first place. Stew once again loses control of his mouth in at least two languages, and ill-advisedly reveals the strange dream he’s been having about living in a big mansion with RRR broadcasters and eating curry with ants in it. And Larry reveals a new all-time Australian TV high point which will henceforth be known as The Britzky Incident. Mind-battering drivel. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Usual flotilla of below-the-belt references and immoderate language, plus the non-sporting concept of Motor-boating is explored.

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