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All Over The Shop - 25 March 2010

March 5th, 2011

Episode 1 of 76 episodes

In yet another offering from the AOTS Vintage Collection, (i.e. the shows we didn’t get around to plodcasting last year), Stew and Larry define certain annoying social types, including The Most Unlikely Lads (self-appointed dirty minded ice-breakers at male gatherings), Angry Joke Tellers, Over-Laminators (a grand prix speciality), and the Party-Proofers (business suits trying to act relaxed by laughing continually in unison out of context). Also Stew invents his Law of Minimum Food Requirements, as relates to purchased fried rice, refers to Chinese take-away as going to the Chows and then commences a story to Larry with the fear-inspiring words: Tell me, is this joke racist? Vintage gibberish throughout. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Contains older swearing and groin references than the more current shows.

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