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All Over The Shop - 25 October 2012

October 27th, 2012

Episode 70 of 76 episodes

Experience all the wash-up, and upchuck, from the Robert Hunter Cup charity footy match festerivities, and also the RRR post-Radiothong party, or even better, don’t experience it, and just listen to the knot-heads that went along and survived both, Big Stew and Leaping Larry. Also find out how the German Crusaders felt hundreds of years ago after being completely annihilated as opposed to just annihilated, and what that might have in common with Stew who after the main event on Radiothon party night, kicked on with the stragglers and, as witnessed right here in this plodecaste, patently can’t remember which bar he kicked on to. Also, the adventures of the Excitable Bernard, Stew’s pooch, and bask in the most obvious joke possible during the On This Day segment, as Russia is seized by the Bolsheviks. Darn painful, that. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Rated R-Blimey for language, X-cessive for dunny and crotch-related humour and F for entertainment.

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