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All Over The Shop - 28 June 2012

July 5th, 2012

Episode 53 of 76 episodes

The boys sing the Don’t Call Me Stackbags song that they’ve just made up, mostly because after smashing their brains with alkyhol on the weekend, they can’t remember what air bags are called until a Shopster listener reminds them. Then they sing the Don’t Call Me Airbags song. And Stew says the show leaves a legacy, and Larry insists that it is the type of legacy where afterwards you have to say – I wouldn’t go in there for ten minutes or so if I were you. Plus Stew and Leapster talk about the Community Cup footy match until no one including them can stand it anymore. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Includes swear words, short bursts of bad singing, and the expression, Stackbags.

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