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All Over The Shop - 29 March 2012

April 2nd, 2012

Episode 40 of 76 episodes

Larry shockingly reveals that Australia has no detectable shortage of football panel shows, and the only shortage is in terms of any definable content on these shows. In Overrated Alley, Stew thinks that text messages and Twits on Twitter from celebrities are overrated when considered news stories and also contends that the people concerned are being overrated by being considered celebrities. After a lifetime of what might be dignified and complicit consumption, Leapster finally loses patience with the Carlton and United brewery’s range of products. It is also contended that people would eagerly buy poo if it were painted white and blue and marketed as a gourmet product imported from France. The usual gutsful of garrulous gabble. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Potential listeners are cautioned to beware of the usual bucketload of swearing and seedy disreputable discussion of seedy, disreputable concepts.

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