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All Over The Shop - 29 November 2012

December 3rd, 2012

Episode 75 of 76 episodes

Larry suggests the final outside broadcast show two weeks after this one should be entitled – And Good Riddance. Stew reveals his idea for entertainment on that show – he will sign the expression – two pots please – in Auslan. Leapster presents his suggestions for the worst Kris Kringle gifts ever, including edible handcuffs and remote-controlled jumping fake vomit. Stew, motivated by Lord knows what, does a League’s Club level piece of humour re Larry’s supposed relationship abilities and then MIMES drum-based punctuation of the gag, on the radio. Larry describes Stew’s witticism as undetectable as humour in any known language. Scurvy ballast throughout. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – What with the swearing and the groin jokes, it’s pretty ratty throughout.

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