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All Over The Shop - 29 September 2011

October 2nd, 2011

Episode 20 of 76 episodes

Stew declares that the show needs an apprentice, and Larry responds that it’s traditional to teach apprentices something, and asks what AOTS could possibly teach anybody, adding that rather than offering an apprenticeship, they should offer a blanket apology on a continual basis. Stew disgraces himself on a pub golf day, Leapster encounters a chap called I’m All Right Alf, who perverts an otherwise trouble-free bus ride, and the boys continue to be puzzled about whether a barracuda and a barracouta are the same thing, and what constitutes a snoek, pronounced (according to Larry) schnook. And, even before his performance at the grand final, it is suggested that Meat Loaf is less likely to need security guards to protect him from screaming hordes of autograph seekers than the actual meal of the same name. A towering pile of dilly-dallying. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Contains swearing words, an unhealthy fixation on groin-related humour, and uninformed attempts at fish classification.

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