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All Over The Shop - 30 August 2012

September 2nd, 2012

Episode 62 of 76 episodes

In another strangely entertaining Farellogue, Stew explains how to break a hotel toilet in New York City and get an upgrade out of it, and scores top-notch seats at Yankee Stadium via purely shonky methods, albeit kind of by accident. Additionally, Larry reveals why a house is more useful than children, the intrigue of the concept of a Mike Tyson speaking tour of the Antipodes, or anywhere, is explored, and Stew says he’s sick of men sitting down on public transport thus proving the effect of alcohol on the human brain as he did the exact same rant a few weeks earlier. Gibberish in a weathered vein. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Not to be listened to by decent wholesome folks, thus any friends of Stew and Leapster are welcome, but your church-going types might want to give it the proverbial wide berth. Includes foul language, fouler jokes, and horsing around like that there.

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