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All Over The Shop - 30 June 2011

July 3rd, 2011

Episode 5 of 76 episodes

On this week’s depth-defying show, Leapster reveals the correct form of address when greeting Ronnie Wood on one of his returns to rehab, the highlights of the Community Cup football match are discussed, with a particular focus on what Larry terms Stew’s extraordinarily wafty, waffly shorts, and, in a hopefully unrelated development, Stew discusses penile-shaped pepper shakers, and electric ones with lights in them. (Pepper shakers, that is, not peniles.) Also Larry suggests that he mostly finds salt and vinegar flavoured snacks useful for locating mouth sores, and Stew announces that he’s been sitting in his kitchen studying the rear light of his bike, promptly Leapster to politely inquire whether his TV is busted. A jovial calamity from beginning to end. CLASSIFICATION WARNING – The usual buckets of swearing and thick-eared groin humour, plus frank discussion of pepper shakers and Mrs Lupinsky’s famous but extremely dangerous Siberian Stew.

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