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The Architects - Show 186 - Melbourne Rooftops

March 17th, 2009

Episode 96 of 346 episodes

Melbourne's rooftop landscape - the new rooftop bars that are a result of smoking lawsWith Guests Grant Amon Architect and Margo Orr, owner and designer of the Order of Melbourne http://www.grantamon.com/ http://www.theorder.com.au/ Greg Burgess's Hackford House was burnt down in the bushfires http://aardvark.tce.rmit.edu.au/aardvark3/area-l/GBhackfo/home-b.htm Owner has got Greg to redo the house, a new design, some of which is likely to be fire-proof. Swanston Street to be redeveloped (again). City of Melbourne releases some designs https://www.melbourne.vic.gov.au/rsrc/PDFs/Major%20Developments/Current%20Developments/RedevelopmentofSwanstonStreetReport.pdf

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