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On this week's podcast - journalist Masha Gesdon comes in to talk about Donald Trump, the Breakfasters chat about the concept of Comaneci Day, an interview with Comedian/Actor Hannibal Buress and the Breakfasters share the things they are secretly good at.

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On this week's podcast Jane Gazzo comes in to talk about the 20th Anniversary of Recovery, a chat about the Breakfaster's least favourite chores, Gideon Haigh on his book "Stroke of Genius" and Hayley Inch reviews Mel Gibson's film "Hackshaw Ridge".

On this week's podcast - Ken Walker, the Senior Curator of Entomologyat Melbourne Museum comes in to talk bugs, A Toot Your Horn Tuesday, a visit from Felicity Watson ofthe National Trust about the demolition of The Corkman and the Breakfasters chat about unsung heroes.

On this week's podcast Dr Jen tells the Breakfasters about Superpowers we have as babies and lose as we get older, a chat about children's moneymaking schemes, a raving film review by Simone Ubaldi of Adam Curtis' 'Hypernormalisation' and a phoner on questions peoplehate to beasked.