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This week on BreakfastersSami Shahcomesin to talk about his new book"The Islamic Republic Of Australia"andDr Jenreturnsto explain scratching - why we do it, why it feels good, what makes an itch worse.Pierre Ulricchats about his show at theMelbourne Magic Festival - White Lies and Friday Funnybugger Laura Dunemann comes in to play "Crazy Job...

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This week on Breakfasters Alan Broughcomes in to talk about his new children's book "Charlie And The Karaoke Cockroaches", andBrodie Lancaster comes in to chat about her new book "No Way! Okay, Fine: A memoir of pop culture, feminism and feelings".They also talk about the lowlights of going on holiday, and how olivesare connected to...

This week Breakfasters talk about holy communion andweird things you do as a kid, the dramas of contact lenses, and having psychic powers. They also talk to Justin "Digga" Calveriey about growing berries at home and Briohny Doyle about her book Adult Fantasy. With Sarah Smith, Jeff Sparrow, and Geraldine Hickey.

This week Breakfasters chat to Ben Mendelsohnabout the new filmUna, and Kate Cole-Adams about her book"Anaesthesia: The Gift Of Oblivion And The Mystery Of Consciousness". Anna Krien talks about her essay“The Long Goodbye: Coal, Coral And Australia’s Climate Deadlock”, and the team talk dilemmas around keeping cash, and shopping for clothes.With...