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On this week's podcast - a chat about Christmas and the spirit of giving, Offa Foatu from Hot Brown Honey talks about their new show, Amy Mullins joins the breakfasters to discuss a new report on Women in the Media and a conversation about Air Force One.

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On this week's podcast - journalist Masha Gesdon comes in to talk about Donald Trump, the Breakfasters chat about the concept of Comaneci Day, an interview with Comedian/Actor Hannibal Buress and the Breakfasters share the things they are secretly good at.

On this week's podcast Jane Gazzo comes in to talk about the 20th Anniversary of Recovery, a chat about the Breakfaster's least favourite chores, Gideon Haigh on his book "Stroke of Genius" and Hayley Inch reviews Mel Gibson's film "Hackshaw Ridge".

On this week's podcast - Ken Walker, the Senior Curator of Entomologyat Melbourne Museum comes in to talk bugs, A Toot Your Horn Tuesday, a visit from Felicity Watson ofthe National Trust about the demolition of The Corkman and the Breakfasters chat about unsung heroes.