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Breakfasters 27-31 August 2012

September 4th, 2012

Episode 234 of 420 episodes

Hello and welcome to another Breakfasters higlights podcast! Germaine Greer, academic, author, feminist, and conservationist, joins us as part of the Melbourne Writers FestivalThis week, we have:Jenny Niven reviewing Arcadia by Lauren GroffSean 'The Birdman' Dooley's Squackback.Tony Moore touching on the history of one of Australia's earliest bohemians, Marcus Clarke.And ... Dave Lawson opens his shed and reveals himself to be "knee deep" in IOC paperwork. Enjoy - and please subscribe - it makes us happy - +61 3 9388 1027 or www.rrr.org.au, just do it before 26 September 2012 and you could win a groovy prize.

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