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Breakfasters - 30 June - 4 - July 2014

July 4th, 2014

Episode 305 of 420 episodes

Ahead of the Melbourne Magic Festival, magician Jay Scott Berry joins the “Fakefasters” to talk all things magic, as well as his own show at the festival “The Virtuoso of Magic”. On this edition of “Books with Biggs and Briggs”, Tony Biggs talks through “The Confiscation of American Prosperity” by Michael Perelman a book about how right-wing politics continues to broaden class inequality. This week’s edition of “Weird Science” has Dr. Jen exploring Epigenetics, a theory that explores changes in human gene activity that are not caused by changes in the DNA sequence.The Breakfasters’ resident film buff Thomas Caldwell discusses John Michael McDonagh’s new dark comedy film “Calvary” which explores the human rights breaches of the Catholic church. On “Touch My History” Charles Jenkins joins the “Fakefasters” ahead of his appearance at the upcoming “Leaps and Bounds” festival where he and his "Amateur Historians" plan to sing 10 new songs about a skewed history of the people, places and stories of Melbourne.

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