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Breakfasters 4-8 March 2013

March 12th, 2013

Episode 249 of 420 episodes

Welcome to the first Breakfasters podcast for 2013. And a big warm hearty welcome to Stew and Lorin to the team! Ok let's get down to business... Jeff Sparrow kicked off a new segment with us called Longform.He kicked it off with an interesting look at a serial killer case and serial killer stalkers. Ginger Briggs was in to review a book on the pitfalls of music downloading.Freeloading by Chris Ruen Fee, Lorin and Stew started off talking about a bit of activism in the wake of theCoke "Out Of Order" campaign which led them into a discussion onCommit To Community Radio Tony Birch came in to talk about "The Jill Case" for Touch My History. And it sort of faded off into the distance after that. Anyway there'll be another podcast next week... .

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