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Breakfasters highlights podcast 1-5 July 2013

July 5th, 2013

Episode 265 of 420 episodes

On this week's episode we learnt aboutnocebo effect (close cousin to theplacebo effect) whenMark Wakeham from Environment Victoriasaidthe nocebo effect is one of the factors in the hostilitytowards wind farms, we also learnt that the truth has consequences and Assange is prickling at the portrayal of Wikileaks in the new film'We Reveal Secrets' by Alex Gibney whenLouise Irving came into review it,Sean The Birdman Dooley broke the biggest bird news of the decade - after almost 100 years since the last sighting, the rare Night Parrot was captured on film in Queensland andwhether it's on the toilet, in a cafe, or on the tram, if you read the newspaper onlineyou will notice that 'The 'Age' have introduced a paywall on their website. Jenelle, Elizabeth and Tim pondered theramifications filling in for the regular Breakfasters this week.

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