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Byte Into IT - 1 October 2014

October 2nd, 2014

Episode 357 of 438 episodes

On this week's Byte: Guests: Thinker, artist, techie and general polyglot Cobi Smith joins the team in studio to talk about the amazingly impressive number of projects she's involved with (we could list them all, but we'd be typing for days - except to say that she's involved in everything from CERN to the Melbourne Fringe - check out her work here). News: A vulnerability known as Shellshock (which affects the Bash shell of Unix-based operating systems - the default shell for all Linux-basted operating systems and Apple OS X) has been identified, opening up users to potential attacks to take complete control of a system - don't panic though, as patches are being furiously worked on as we speak. The Senate has passed a tranche of new counter-terrorism laws, giving ASIO and ASIS much more freedom to search through online data, including the ability to search through entire networks (isn't the whole internet a network?) with a single warrant. Scary stuff. Vodafone have announced a plan to keep track of its customers browsing history for the most recent 90 days. According to Vodafone, this is to allow customers to keep track of their usage - sure... With the Chinese Government indicating that they may choose to veto candidates in upcoming Hong Kong elections, student protestors in Hong Kong have been circumventing the need for mobile phone service or wifi - the Firechat app is proving useful, as it allows communication between devices using mesh networks (directly from device to device), meaning all you need is to be near another phone, and if the government were to turn off the network, it won't affect you. In related news, LTE have announced the launch of their new LTE Direct protocol, allowing for device-to-device communication. Google Australia have announced the ten finalists for the Google Impact Challenge, rewarding not-for-profits with exciting uses of tech. There's a $500,000 prize for the winners of a public vote, and a few Melbourne projects are in the mix. Check out the finalists and vote. Lighter News: "You are not a product", or at least that's the pitch of the new social media platform, Ello - will it kill Facebook? Time will tell... Events and Opportunities: THATCamp (bringing together humanists who like technology and technologists that like humanities) 2014 Melbourne is calling for participants - it's on at The University of Melbourne October 10 and 11 - places are limited! The Privacy Workshop - symposium on digital privacy, access and rights, featuring a range of spekers including digital activist Asher Wolf, Senator Scott Ludlam and Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson. Registrations are open for the 2014 Open Source Developers Conference featuring keynote speakers Richard Keech discussing Linux-based monitoring in sustainable housing, and Lynn Fine of Code for America - November 4-7, Griffith University, Gold Coast. Presented by Vanessa Toholka and Dan Salmon Keep up with all things Byte on Twitter, Facebook, and G+ - see you next week!

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