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Byte Into IT - 13 November 2013

November 14th, 2013

Episode 330 of 438 episodes

On this week's Byte: News The era of Net Neutrality may be coming to an end, if a US court rules against it - ISPs may then be able to charge to visit certain sites, block them altogether, or enter into exclusivity agreements. Welcome Kickstarter to Australia (and New Zealand)! A number of local projects are already getting funding, with one developer reaching 112% of his target in 24 hours. Malware has left the planet - it's been revealed that before the International Space Station moved from Windows to Linux, viruses would be spread by USB storage devices being brought aboard. In the latest from Edward Snowden, GCHQ (the British Intelligence service) has been reported to be using fake LinkedIn and Slashdot pages to load malware onto Belgian servers. And in even more worrying news, NSA General Keith Alexander has had his control room modelled as an exact replica of the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. Well, there's Star Trekruined. Good news for people who want a more secure Android device - the Cyanogenmod installer is now available on the Google Play store. Malcolm Turnbull has announced his nominations for the board of NBN Co. Can't remember your password (or remembering it too much)? Psychologists are considering whether we can store passwords in our subconscious. Guest: Amani Naseem of the Copenhagen Game Collective joins the team to discuss the Collective's experimentation with games and the diverse ways in which we can interact with them in our lives. You can find information on Amani's research here, and the Collective's trip to the Maldives where they used play in the context of global warming, economic strain and political unrest here. Opportunities and events The Big Screen Gaming experience - play games on the big screen at Fed Square with someone on a big screen in Perth! Every Wednesday until December 4, 7:30pm. The program for Cory Doctorow's visit to Melbourne has been released - November 22-25 at the State Library of Victoria. Presented by Vanessa Toholka, Lachlan Simpson, and Dan Golding.. http://profiles.google.com/byteintoit http://twitter.com/byteintoit http://friendfeed.com/byteintoit

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