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Byte Into IT - 2 April 2014

April 3rd, 2014

Episode 341 of 438 episodes

On this week's Byte: Guests: Cade Diehm joins the team to talk CoinJar - a cloud-based Bitcoin wallet (though they don't really like calling it a wallet). Jules Malseed-Harris comes into studio to discuss FairShare - an app designed to maximise the ease and enjoyment of sharehousing. And just think - never see a passive-aggressive note on the fridge again! News: In February, Broadcom announced that it was open-sourcing the video drivers for the chip in the Raspbery Pi, and offered a $10,000 bounty to the first person who got Quake III to run on it. This week, that bounty was claimed. Former developers for Ultima Online have launched Shards Online, claiming to be the first player-run MMO. Dutch surgeons have 3D printed a human skull, and implanted it into a patient with a bone disorder (check it out here - WARNING: images of surgery). NASA's Rosetta probe (launched in 2004 to land on a distant comet) is nearing its target, and so it's time for a software upgrade - from 655 million kilometres away. Melbourne IT has purchased NetRegistry for a cool $50.4 million, merging the two biggest players in domain registry in Australia (and while we're on the topic, MsLods is an excellent source of info on IT and the law). Meet Loomio - a New Zealand based startup aiming to provide a platform to crowdsource consensus in public debate. Lighter News: Wikipedia have announced some "subtle changes" to its design. Let's see what they mean by "subtle"... Elsewhere on Wikipedia, user Giraffedata has declared his or her own personal war on the term "comprised of", deleting it over 18,000 times and publishing what can only be described as a manifesto explaining the rationale behind it. Events and Opportunities: ACMI are launching their massive Dreamworks exhibition with a number of events and talks - the exhibition opens next Thursday April 10, and runs to October 5 at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Federation Square. Pandora fonder Tim Westergren is holding a town hall meeting on April 8 at the (soon to be former) Palace Theatre on Bourke St. RSVPby April 5 here. Don't forget April Amnesty - if you know a freeloading listener, budge 'em to subscribe. Presented by Vanessa Toholka and Lachlan Simpson. Hook up with Byte (no, not like that) on Twitter, Facebook and G+ - catch you next week!

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