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Byte Into IT - 2 July 2014

July 2nd, 2014

Episode 349 of 438 episodes

On this week's Byte: Guests: Scott Vandonkelaar and Tim Ruse of Zero Latency VR join the team to discuss the Zombie Apocalypse. News: Evidence of the Digital Divide continues to mount, with reports that "affordable broadband" is out of reach for low-income Australians. Remember Google Loon? Y'know, that network of balloons that Google put up to get internet to hard-to-reach places? That was a year ago. Yeah, really. What's it been up to? Finally, a good-news medical story coming out of the US, with the FDA approving a robotic exoskeleton for paraplegic patients. Ideas for unmanned drones keep popping up everywhere. But these ideas are for good, not evil. Google's I/O 2014 happened this week. Among the developments (get it?) were: The launch of the Gmail API. The release of the Google Styleguide. There were a heap of talks - check them out here. Dan's Games Wrap: Have you played Mountain? Beautifully simple. But perhaps not for the impatient. Event: Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo - check out all the latest in 3D printing, with talks and presentations from across the world. Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre, July 9-10. Presented by Lachlan Simpson, Dan Golding and James Noble. Keep up with all things Byte on Twitter, Facebook, and G+ - see you next week!

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