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Byte Into It - 20 February 2013

February 21st, 2013

Episode 295 of 438 episodes

On this week's Byte: News Electronic Frontiers Australia has launched their "Citizens, Not Suspects" campaign, as a reaction to several government proposals - including mandatory data retention, making refusal to provide your passwords to authorities a criminal offence, and giving ASIO power to add, modify or delete any files on any computer. Scary stuff. Malcolm Turnbull spoke at KickStarter in Sydney this week, attacking the assembled journalists for their coverage of the NBN. See the live blog here. The World Intellectual Property Organisation is being presented with a proprosal to allow the creation of texts for visually impaired persons - the first time the WIPO has considered the rights of someone other than the copyright holders. Researchers have found a cheaper and more effective way of producing graphene, the atom-thin graphite product which can be used as a supercapacitor, opening the way for lighter rechargable batteries which hold more capacity, and can recharge in much shorter times. LibreOffice 4.0 has been released, with a whole bunch of new features including content management system and online storage communications via CMIS, Firefox persona styling, a remote control capacity for the Impress presentation tool using the Android app, and compatibity with more porprietary file formats. Digital is the future of broadcast radio, but community digital radio is under threat! Federal government funding cuts mean that community radio may not be able to continue broadcasting in digital. Support the fight to keep community digital radio alive here. The results of the 2012 Liberated Pixel Cup have been announced. Winners include Lurking Patrol Comrades, Big Island, and Castle Defense. Interviews: Josh Kinal joins the Byte team for a wrap-up of Webstock in Wellington.Check out the Twitter discussion it created here, and and Josh's rundown of the whole thing here Dan Goldingdrops in to talk games: Dan and Mike went to Sydney to play the first four hours of Bioshock Infinite - themes included the Chicago World's Fair, the Wounded Knee massacre and the Boxer Rebellion - but how should games deal with actual historical events and themes? And does Bioshock succeed? PS: Dan got the high score on Ski Safari at last week's Indie Allsorts at Fed Square! Events: Free Software Melbourne is holding a games night this Thursday, February 21 at VPAC head office, Level , RMIT Building 91, 110 Victoria St, Carlton at 6pm. Registrations for the International Women's Hackathon 2013 close Wednesday, with the whole thing kicking off this Friday Feburary 22, 4pm and the University of Melbourne. Presented by Vanessa Toholka, Ben Finney, and Mike Bantick. http://profiles.google.com/byteintoit http://twitter.com/byteintoit http://friendfeed.com/byteintoit

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