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Byte Into IT - 3 July 2013

July 4th, 2013

Episode 313 of 438 episodes

On this week's Byte: News: It's tax time! And for the first time the ATO's e-Tax software is finally available for Mac. The Age's Ben Grubb joins the team to discuss the less-than-smooth launch of this long awaited (and some would say overdue) software. With the change in leadership of the federal parliamentary Labor Party, we have a new Communiations Minister. It is (drumroll...) Anthony Albanese! However, Professor Nick Economou of Monash University's School of Political and Social Inquiry doubts that this will lead to any significant change in policy. Alta Vista - one of the first search engines in case you don't remember it - has shut down. Check out this comparison of search engines from the 90's to today. Guest: Caitie McClelland of RoboGals joins the team to talk about the RoboGals Science Challenge. More News: We've known it was coming for months, but Google Reader is dead. We're dealing with the loss by jumping on to other readers like Feedly (or you could always build your own...) PayPal's Elon Musk has decided he wants gto go to Mars, and to allow for the inevitable snack cravings or book downloads, has decided to create a payment system for interpanetary travellers. 3D printers may one day be used for more than architectural models and shotguns - they may be harnessed in the future to create food and replacement bodily organs. The Winkelvoss brothers (of Facebook fame) have decided to trade Bitcoins on the stock market. On a similar note, the court case over ownership of SnapChat continues. Here's hoping there's ebough material for a feature film... Bing Maps have captured an image of a Russian stealth fighter that was thought not to exist. Splendour in the Grass have added RFIDs to their wristbands, and offering a "diary" of your festival experience. Events and Opportunities The Lab network of techonology clubs for people with High-Functioning Autism and Asperger's Syndrome are offering a three-year PhD scholarship as well as a number of paid mentoring positions. Check out the applications for the scholarship here, and for the mentoring gigs here. Electronic Frontiers Australia is supporting a National Day of Action with a talk by Angela Daly this Saturday 6 July at the State Library of Victoria. Melbourne Accessibility Week (a conference and training event covering key aspects of web accessibility) is happening 22-26 July Pozible Crowdfunding Workshop, Monday 8 July, 6pm, Loop Bar, 23 Meyers Place Melbourne. Presented by Vanessa Toholka and Warren Davies. http://profiles.google.com/byteintoit http://twitter.com/byteintoit http://friendfeed.com/byteintoit

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