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Byte Into It, 30 May 07, IT & new tech

May 31st, 2007

Episode 25 of 438 episodes

Hosted by Phil Wales, with Mike Bantick (Games) and Andrew Fish (Legal). Included on this weeks show: The new Microsoft SurfaceThe launch of Microsoft Surface marks the beginning of a new technology category and a user-interface revolution. Surface, Microsoftâ??s first surface computer, provides interaction with digital content through natural hand gestures, touch and physical objects. Will Halo 3 Breath Life Into Halo Movie?Peter Jackson says Halo 3 will re-build interest for the Halo movie, bringing back potential partners like 20th Century Fox and Universal Pictures. XP vs. Vista - A Tale of FrameratesWe applied real world gaming scenarios to both operating systems in some of todayâ??s most popular 3D games. Crysis Coming To Wii? Image Says Yes This show included so much more. For full details and links that were referenced,check out the Byte Into Blog siteat byteintoit.wordpress.com or subscribe to the blog feed to have topics and links delivered to your door! byteintoit.wordpress.com/feed/ Byte Into It broadcasts live from Melbourne Australia on Wednesdays at 7pm AEST on 3RRR (102.7fm). To Stream or to find out more, go to www.rrr.org.au

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