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Byte Into IT - 31 July 2013

August 1st, 2013

Episode 317 of 438 episodes

On this week's Byte: News: The Federal parliamentary Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications has recommended that consumers find ways to lawfully evade technology that allows IT companies to charge up to twice as much for their products in Australia, amid calls to end what is seen as price gouging by companies including (but not limited to) Adobe, Microsoft and Apple. Consumer advocacy group Choice has listed a guide on how to do it here. In the wake of British Prime Minister David Cameron's announcement that ISPs will be instructed to implement a 'default on' filtering scheme to deny access to porn and other yet-to-be-defined content, a service has sprung up almost immediately claiming to not just circumvent the filter, but allow access to torrents and proxies as well. For anyone who hasn't yet chosen a side in the Thom-Yorke-on-behalf-of-struggling-musicians vs. Spotify debate, this may be of use to you. Retailers in the US have found a new way to understand what shoppers do in their stores by using security systems and customers' Wifi to track their movements. Guest: Michelle Bourke of Startup Victoria phones in to discuss Startup Week. Warren has finally visited MONA in Hobart, and he and Keren report back on some of their picks of the collection. Events and Opportunities: Marketing company Aquent have launched Aquent Gymnasium, a series of free online courses focused on the most in-demand creative skills and digital technologies. Faux Pas (aka Tim Schiel) has released all of his recodings for free (if you so choose) via Bandcamp. Melbourne Writers' Festival is on rom August 22 - September 1. Events that might be of interest include: Digital Drive: a series of seminars aimed at developing writing in the digital space, The Wheeler Centre, Saturday August 24, 10am-6pm Is New Media Making Us Stupid?: A discussion featuring Gael Jennings, Greg Jericho, Gideon Haigh and Geoff Donnan, ACMI The Cube, Friday August 30, 10am Presented by Vanessa Toholka, Warren Davies, and Keren Flavell. http://profiles.google.com/byteintoit http://twitter.com/byteintoit http://friendfeed.com/byteintoit

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